Still on the Kenyan History- Kenya National Archives

Raise your hand if and when the name Joseph Murumbi is mentioned you know who he is without resulting to google

Hands down.

That is a good number.

It is evident that 8-4-4 and history are not wasted on us.

“Where is this coming from?”  You ask

Well, it’s from the Kenya National Archives.


That building that stands smack in the middle of the CBD and used mostly for reference and direction especially for those of us whose knowledge of Nairobi begins with Tea-room.

So, let’s say, you have a loose day you want to spend doing something productive rather than just bumming around. Well, make your way to the Kenya National Archives. For Ksh.50, you get to spend a few hours expanding on the much knowledge (I presume) you have of Kenya especially a lot of the information not necessarily taught in the history class.  If that is your cup of tea anyway.

On the said day you visit,  you will get to see  paintings, photographs, sculptures, jewellery, weaponry, fabrics and artefacts and a whole wealth of information on the Kenya prominent figures pre and post-election set on a backdrop of dark material covering the Kenya National Archives walls corner to corner and strewn on the two floors that hold the artefacts.


You will also get to learn that most of the collection on the ground floor is a collection of artefacts by Joseph Murumbi gifted to Kenya’s custody by his heirs.  Joseph Murumbi was Kenya’s second vice president and a pioneer collector of African antiquities from his vast travels across the world.


See, our own version of Mona Lisa

Take a tour there; I promise you will learn something about Kenya.

Heck, you might even know where the Francis Nnaggenda mammoth sculpture formerly owned by Murumbi is.  It is reported as missing

step0001 (2)

Pic of  Murumbi standing next to the missing sculpture


What say you?

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