Mirror Plays (Thenga Twarie Review)

“I don’t like when a stage is set in a permanent form” Says my friend and play cohort

“Neither do I” I remark as I try to catch my breath

The play  on stage is ‘Thenga Twarie’ by the Renegade Ventures under the directorship of Tash Mitambo staged at the Kenya National Theatre Ukumbi Mdogo 3rd to 5th Feb.

On this one, I will do no review. Instead, I will send you to the ‘Raria Mwaki’ review I did here.

“Take your time and read it. I’ll wait. ”



“You changed the cast names, Right?”

“For some scenes however like when GT falls and limps across the stage,you let those remain exactly as they were in the previous play. Right?”

“Great.:  You have an exemplary review of  Thenga Twarie .

Though I still got my share of a good laugh in this play, the similarity form me was too great it left me feeling bleh….

As we head home my pal says “I thought it was a good play”

“I din’t say it was a bad play. I just felt the two plays in reference here were the same” I retort back

“You just have  high expectations which is not practical for any consecutive plays.”

“Its not?”

Whether that response sounded like a rhetorical question or he felt some questions are best left unanswered, the question is left hanging in the air and marks the end of that conversation.

In retrospect though, I would like an answer that question. So,is it possible to have consecutive great plays from the same production house?

Thimo: Ndore iimbagio ni giti 



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