Play Review (Kunya Ngita)

We recognise the election season in Kenya is here with us, so did the first play by Fanaka Arts Theatre in 2017.

Deception, blackmail, friendship, infidelity and regret flanked the play that was Hinyia Kigwa staged at the Alliance Francaise auditorium on the 26th-29th January.

Penina wife to Theuri wa Uki, governor aspirant of the Fanaka people’s party whose slogan reads ‘fuata nyuki uwe asali’ is also his political strategist.

After leaving clear instructions of the campaign itinerary for the week ahead, Penina leaves for the airport where she is scheduled to fly to Uganda for more campaign shebang.

Before Penina leaves, however, she points clearly that the campaign cannot handle any scandal if they are to retain the lead they have on the other contenders.

This is great advice (but do those being advised ever listen? ) in theory, save for the fact that Theuri’s also has ‘Ngiri’, Tiffany (T for all the nasty) Mercy, and Madam Regina the MCA aspirant Magumu ward and another cast member who keeps calling Señorita (I forget his name) in his life.Drama unfolds for the two hours we are in the hall as Ngiri and Theuri try to keep a scandal at bay which ends with the return of Penina who forgot her passport and an enthusiastic media that captures all the unfolding on tape and with Penina now running for the gubernatorial seat.

For this nine cast play, the question on my mind the whole time was, ‘why is this play causing me a deja vu? Have I watched a play with a similar storyline before? Mhhhh….I think/know so.

For Fanaka’s December production Gemia Muti and January’s Hinyia Kigwa, all I could manage were chuckles here and there. However, on both instances I could hear huge guffaws from the audience which is also the reason I ask the person beside me how the play was.

On this one, Waweru my neighbour quipped, very entertaining, great comedy.

And to that, I say, to each his own.


Twirute Thimo: Mundu athebeaga kiria arite-Kariuki Kiarutara

ION: It started raining immediately we left the theatre hall on Sunday after the 3 pm show. It was such a great feeling seeing those raindrops after such a long time. Standing at the Alliance veranda, I did not care if it was going to rain up to the following morning or that I had nothing to cover myself. Nothing could wipe the smile on my face seeing those raindrops sprinkle the road and the accompanying smell as the rain hit the parched soil.


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