Whats App?

Do you ever receive those long WhatsApp forward messages where you quickly scroll to the bottom to check if the message says: “forward to 10 people me included.”

And because it’s rude not to reply to a message (even though rude is what these texts are), you forward it back only to the person who sent it to you or respond with a hehehe or a smiling emoji.

Thank God for the invention of emoji’s, their existence wipe out a lot of communication awkwardness from some conversations that have no word-worthy replies.

Worse still are the messages that end with “Don’t laugh alone send to your friends also to have a good laugh” Which leaves you wondering; One, I did not laugh at this what makes you think it will make my friends laugh? And two, how are you my friend if you believe that that will make me laugh?

I remember once receiving one of those long text, and I replied ‘thank you’ without even reading.

The person then follows it with “why are you responding with a thank you? It’s a joke,”

“Oooh, ahh, yes it is. I am appreciating the joke.”

Suffice to say that person has never forwarded me any of such like messages ever again.

However, the group  I feel sad for are those that forward ‘2010’ jokes in 2017, What is this, history repeating itself? And also “Who are your friends?



What say you?

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