Cheers to a great year/How to make it a great year for Qui

Here is to the new year

As a theatre enthusiast, 2016 was a good year play wise(audience point of view).

I got to laugh and not so laugh at some plays…..

Gave side eyes to some of my fellow audiences who laugh at scenes that are not remotely funny, that ends up encouraging a bad act…..

On average though, It was a good time in the theatre streets.

 Case in point; “Nuu uyu wakura ta tiri?”(who is this as old as soil?)

I heard that phrase on stage last year and I don’t know how but that statement there is still putting a smile on my face in meetings where a smile on my face is a concern to others on my sanity.

As the stage curtains open this year, I pray the script writers are holed up in one of those long seminars where their one and only agenda on the table is…..”How to make Wanjiku laugh again until her ribs hurt”

By a show of hands how many here (without google) know where the term Wanjiku came from?Ok……hands down

My request for this year to the dons in the industry is in addition to the social ceremonies can we also have a few plays that address politics please? Thank you very much.


Cheers to greatness and blaring dreams in 2017.

Take a cue from the sun and keep shining.If not for anything else, the sun in the last couple of months is daring us to be hot in all our pursuits.

There is one particular experience that  I am pushing for in this year. My greatest wish is that it goes through and  I get a chance to write about it  here. Before that though, here is to keeping my fingers crossed….


Remember this Qui?

Remember how I said “She was kicking cancer’s behind?”

Well, she still is, but she needs our help…..

Qui is fighting Hodgkin’s lymphoma after a relapse one month in remission. She is currently undergoing treatment in India and this is where she needs our help.

Qui is looking to raise Kes 6 Million that is required to cater for her on going treatment in India that include a Second line Chemotherapy and  a Stem Cell Transplant.

Say a prayer for Qui.

In addition to the prayer, visit her M-Changa account and help raise the Kes 6 Million.


What say you?

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