Friday Jamming


There is something about Fridays that  subconsciously gets me jamming to Kenyan old schools.

On any typical Friday, I will get to my office desk, put on my earphones and you tube just takes me to that direction. It registers on my mind that it’s all old school when my office mate with whom I share the gift that is my tone deafness start asking,

“Hiyo ni song gani?’


“It’s been such a long while since I heard that song”

Or simply

“umenirudisha mbali!!”

Said with such glee, in my mind, it registers as his way of saying thank you.

Maybe this is because its the end of the week, start of the weekend or just nostalgia for my high school days when my greatest worry in life was why biology was such a foreign concept to me (It still is. I just realized not everything foreign is to be understood).

I am not selective on the artist either.

I’ll jam to or more appropriately move my head to African woman  by Jomenes boys na band (remember them?), Furahiday by Nonini and nameless (of course), 4 in 1 by Ndarlin p, Ita waiter by Madtraxx (that I apparently love too much.. hehehe), Sitishiki by Wahu, Githurai by mr.Googz,lenny and Vinnie banton, Pesa pombe,siasa by mashifta,Crazy by walanguzi, Happy by STL and Kantai,Chapaa by Abbas,Mnafeel aje by chiwawa …… You get the gist

As I have stated previously , we need a national Kenyan Locals day(or whatever you want to call it). On this day it will be mandatory for all TV and radio stations to play Kenyan old school music EVERY SINGLE SECOND. No adverts while we are at it.The presenters can stay home on that day too

There are facts to support this.  The Communications Authority has put it mandatory for Kenya TV stations to air up to 40 per cent local content in their programmes.

What Kenyan old schools do you like jamming to?


What say you?

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