Tua Nyororo (Play Review)

When you advertise a play as starring XXX and many more, you have me hooked. Not at the XXX but at the many more. As I have mentioned here before, I love a play that has a large cast. You can have a play with 100 people where 90% of the cast is just there to clap hands and I will find it exhilarating. No kidding. There is something about us Kenyans when we are in crowds that bring out the best in us. Think of it, anytime we have a bunch of us gathered, the funny element/bone in us comes out to play. What’s not to love about a group of funny individuals?

I do not do the 2, 3 or 4 cast plays very well. What this says is, I don’t want people having a conversation on stage. I believe and have seen there is punch in one-liners.

‘Hilarious one-liners while we are at it please’. Thank You.

My ideal play and somebody should whisper this to someone in the plays production will go something like; ‘birth and a celebration around it’, ‘ schools parents meeting’, ‘a wedding and even better a traditional one’, ‘church committee’, the ones with old men forgetting their testicles spectacles, ‘a burial’ and such like activities all in a sequence of each other. Give me this and I promise to bring my whole neighborhood to watch it. Even those that will need translation.

The play that was this weekend was by the group renegade ventures. The advert had the ‘many more’ clause for their October play edition and if for nothing else, I was already sold on the play. Highlighted as a Tash Mitambo production, Tua Nyororo scheduled for 3:30 pm began at exactly 3:40 pm. This was the second pointer that this was going to be an excellent play.  As Mitambo who doubled as the play’s director and a cast said, “we cannot have those who have arrived waiting any longer” and I agree 100%. The time issue is a very sensitive matter because you cannot have those who kept time waiting an hour before the play starts. That’s like punishing someone for doing right.

The play rolled out to Mukami (Shie kiarie) and General (Chege Muthamaki) on a bed reminiscing on the bicycle they just rode (you’ll have to ask them what bicycle is ridden in a bed, I was just an audience). The scene goes on and on about different types of bicycles and the different riding techniques.

We get to learn General is there on a ‘kuiyithia’ mission. He still has to go home to his wife fear factor before day break.  Things, however start going south when General an MCA in waiting realizes his clothes are missing.

What follows is a guide of what not to do at your side kick’s when your clothes go missing. In combined effort, General and Mukami take the lead to give us a hilarious start the month.  From Kami’s reggae loving friend big ‘mamathe’ irony played perfectly for her size,  captain ‘Kuraiha’(Karanja)  whose name fit perfectly, officer Mutuani(Maina), old man from 504(Kiritu), Big mamathe ‘s BFF/Waitherero(Milka Njenga), recce squad(Tash) and general’s wife ‘fear factor’, the acts spread themselves in a beautifully  woven feel good play.

Different angles were explored including stolen bags containing grenades, ways to diffuse a grenade, the elite recce squad and  ‘he-she’ interchange.

A bow on this one goes to Chege Muthamaki on the ‘he-she’ role. “Boss, how were you so comfortable in those heels?”

To those that may have missed the show, Chege Muthamaki had a role as a lady that had him/her (ha) rocking four-inch heel and he was too comfortable strutting in them it was unbelievable. Na si kwa ubaya, (I am Kenyan hatunanga ubaya) how long have you been wearing heels? hehehe

To sum it all, this was a superb play the exact word used by the person sited next to me.

Going by the increasing audience since their first play, you can tell Renegade Ventures is onto something.


Twirute Gikuyu: Mugeni amiaga mbirira


6 thoughts on “Tua Nyororo (Play Review)

  1. The fact that this play was reviewed exactly a day after it was staged is enough to tell me that I missed an awesome play. Let’s just say that I’m not missing the next renegade play.


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