Kamwe Kega (Play Review)

“Hi Lydiah have you watched Kamwe Kega?”

“Nope. Have you?”

“Not yet…”

“Ok. we are watching it today at 6:30pm no discussion.”

“Can we then push it to 8:00pm at least?”

“Fine. deal”

That’s the conversation that gets me to Alliance Francaise on Saturday 3rd September for Fanaka Arts theatre play ‘Kamwe Kega‘.

Directed by Lawrence Murage, the play sets with Mr Wanjohi. Mr Wanjohi(Robie Kinuthia) is an old man with a very deep dry cough. The kind of cough  you keep checking if the rib cage fell off with that last one. It sounds like  he swallowed a drum in his younger years  that is getting a thud from his liver every time he sips from one of his many bottles that are tucked in his wheelchair and wrapped in a black paper bag that we are sure it’s not water, juice or tea.

Mr Wanjohi  is currently enjoying life in his older days after reaping from a business he started with Kinyua his partner who passed on earlier. As a way of fulfilling his promise, he is in search of Kinyua’s only son Kang’ethe to share proceeds from the business.

All avenues are used in this search including placing an advert in the dailies.

The call is answered and ‘turia nime (eaters of where not planted-direct translation’ start arriving . The strangers arrive on Mr wanjohi’s granddaughter Deborah (Gathoni Njuguna) graduation party.

“Debo (pronounced Devil), umesoma kama mwanaume.”proclaims Boina(Nyce Wanjeri) the snoopy help.

First to respond to the call is Kang’ethe (Pablo Kimani) accompanied by his friend Warui (Lawrence Murage). At the mention of the amount of money to be awarded to Kang’ethe, Warui now claims to be Kangethe’s lawyer.

The plots get a twist when Kuria and Kiarie (played again by Pablo Kimani) another duo who claim  to be Kangethe and a friend also arrive to claim a stake in the inheritance.

Nungari (Maryanne Nyambura) Wanjohi’s spinster sister has her eyes set on the young Kangeth’e who just arrived. Adding to the twist is the arrival of  Abbih (Shii Kabaya) Kangethe’s wife who is out looking for her husband.

Boina and Warui end up teaming up both trying to get part of the inheritance using all means necessary including locking up and knocking a few of the claimants unconscious.

“Nonginya ngure ndege ya mbere gwitu nyahururu ” claims Boina.


I have to buy the first aeroplane in Nyahururu

As it is custom with every celebration, there is a mad man.  King’ori wa King (Charles Maina) who executes this role perfectly brings in a whole lot of  humour in the few words and times he crosses the stage.

“Gavana tiungi no King’ori  wa King Kindu kiruru” King’ori reiterates every time he crosses the stage

King’ori in an  unforseen mishap ends up with the inheritance money  that is being toted around in a briefcase by Gaitho (Duncan Mungai),Mr Wanjohi’s lawyer.

Double thumbs up on this one go to Pablo Kimani.  I do not imagine it was  easy pulling off the three acts as effortlessly as you did.


I have an issue to pick however with the timekeepers. 8:00 pm on the ticket surely cannot be 8:55 pm in real time.

Twirute Gikuyu: Ciringi imurikagairia ingi


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