Ngwatia Urugari-Fanaka Arts Theatre

Ngwatia urugari


The current greeting in the cold Nairobi


July edition of Fanaka Arts Theatre monthly plays.

It’s only been two weeks since I watched this play but who is counting, right?

Held at the French home alias, Alliance Française Ngwatia Urugari was Fanaka Arts theatre July edition play after taking a break in June.

Presenting a reversed roles theme, the play was set in a Baba and Mama Mwangi’s home. In the midst of their son Mwangi changing course from engineering to Gizzy Gizzy in film production and the father having none of it, the couple is embroiled in marital woes.

Quite a hard theme I would say especially for a Kikuyu play but that’s how you sift the best in the game.

Presented hilariously, the play which could have as well been a Johari’s production (cast and director were Johari peeps) was a showcase of prowess. The son in his quest to being a comedian and the mother’s punchline rejoinders together with the delivery of each of the other cast members made this play directed by Lawrence Murage the success that it was. Of course, the secretary gets a special mention not only because she had my name (ahem) but because of her exemplary performance especially in describing all things that could go wrong on any open day.

With the above description if it’s not already clear let it be known I totally loved this play. I laughed hard (always a plus), I heard new jokes, (Jesus’ blood. if you were there you know what am talking about)-it’s hard in this era of the internet to hear something new and of course the goodies they had at the door (ha!).

Double thumbs up on this one



Point to note though, Lose the 21+ on your adverts for such a play.


What say you?

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