‘Hiuria Njohero’ a Renegade Ventures Production

Question: How is an acting artist prowess measured?


I feel like I could add to the indicators used in this measure.

What Maina wa Ndamberi and Wanjiru Wa Kiarie displayed in Hiuria Njohero by renegade ventures cannot be described as anything short of prowess.How else do you describe how Maina  and Kiarie were able to switch between Kikuyu to the Nigerian and  Kamba accent so effortlessly?

Skill in ability to switch between languages is my proposed indicator .



(Thank you very much for the applaud. I knew I had it in me to add to this body of knowledge. Thank You…Thank you)

Directed by Tash mitambo with the assistance of Chege muthamaki who also doubled up as a cast, Renegade Ventures had their first Kikuyu play staged at the Kenya National Theatre Ukumbi mdogo  on the 1st to 3rd July 2017.

As I enter the hall for the 3pm show I say to my company, “there are very few people today’

“Yeah,”he answers “Which is very good because today we get to watch and ask questions”

“Mhh, we are here to laugh not ask questions” I mumble as we grab our seats.

Watiri’s mum played by Fidelis Nyambura a widow has found love again and is set to be married to Chomba’s dad played by Chege Muthamaki. However, Chomba played by Maina wa Ndamberi and Watiri played by Wanjiru wa Kiarie are having none of that. They devise ways to keep the parents apart in hilarious twists and turns that give us the superbly crafted Kamba and Nigerian accents.

For their first play, Renegade Ventures did a good job. The cast who are veterans in the game delivered as always. I however felt the plot could have ended  earlier when the two parents were caught in the cheating shenanigans. The last bit just stole the thunder from the climax.

My take away phrase from this play was: “Mundu wina rwake amiaga arungii”



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