Nairobi City Hall

I do not work in Nairobi town center.

That said . It means I never get to experience the hustle and bustle of the morning rush best described in any book on  living and working in Nairobi.

However, Tuesday 3rd May I have business to take care of at City hall. This means I have to be in  the city early enough to be at city hall by 8 am since my queuing, patience and waiting graces run albeit too low. In my thinking better get there early and be among the first- hoping not many people are thinking of that too(surely isn’t that just the most  original plan you’ve ever heard? Who else could think of such? I wonder?)

Anyway I get to town at about 7:45 am and everyone seems to be in a rush.  I have no qualms on this as I am well aware on the need for  daily bread so I join the moving masses. I move a bit slower though because surely,raise your hand if you know of any government offices that open before 8:00 am.Anyone? anyone?  Not even devolution had anything on that.  Its a non issue to me though since I neither want to get to work any time before 8:00am.


Possible scenario outside Kenya National Archives

8 am finds me at the city hall gate. Frisk here frisk there and we are in. The first thought through my mind is. “This cannot be”. The stairs at the entrance have dust built up and looks like they’ve not been washed for a while. You expect for the people charged with  keeping the city clean their offices would be reference point and it hits you…. that’s why the city looks like that.

There seems like some sort of campaign for elected seats is going on so the corridor walls are plastered with campaign posters which look like they were done by some trainee somewhere in “Muchatha graphics school”. I swear I have seen better posters done by hand during campaign years in my high school days (yes you read that right. We campaigned for prefects back in high school). All the posters look like they have a blackish blurred effect on them and the campaigners did not see the need to use their best photos or filter for that matter. For posters that are going up in a public place full of bored people  walking in and out, look for a killer picture we might actually be tempted to campaign for you for posts we don’t know about or have nothing about. Can you imagine

Stranger at city hall: Hi you

Employee at city hall: Mhh

Stranger: (pointing at a poster in the wall) Consider voting for this person

Employee: (shaking head and most probably sneering) what would you know about our elections?

Stranger: Nothing, but by the look of things, he looks like he can deliver.

Back to city hall. I find 6 people already in the queue outside door 45(vaccination center). Mark you its not even operating hours yet. Operating hours are between 8:30am and 4:30pm as I come to learn. Anyway they open the doors around 8:15am and bless them the queue moved quite fast. 15 minutes later I have had my injection and am back to wondering who needs to do what for the sight of the reference point to change.

The point for all this was, Keep the reference point looking clean.


What say you?

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