Kenyan old school locals

“Kama umezaliwa Africa lazima wajua kukatika”

Don’t even pretend you know where that came from…….

Thats Nameless’s introduction in Manerless. Remember manerless? (Below)


I feel like we should have a day for what most people now call “Old school locals” . A Kenyan Old school locals day, sounds just about right

A day when all radio and TV stations should play Kenyan Old school locals with no interruptions or  adverts,not even those of  ‘Migunda maguta maguta‘(no shade) Further, the day should be made a national holiday so that EVERYONE is made to be home and listening to this reminisce because no one should be allowed to miss out. How now?.

I imagine in my next life ill be a radio presenter and ill play exclusively Kenyan old school locals with little to no talk in between because there will be no bills to pay so no adverts in between(or will there still be bills in the next life?)

Anyhoo…we will play Kenyan Girl Kenyan Boy by Necessary Noize together with Tuendelee by Kleptomaniax(when they were) always and everyday because no songs read/sound old school like those two and follow that up with Happy by Kantai and STL(remember?) and from then on we can be happy all day everyday………

This post is on the assumption that EVERYONE., yes, EVERYONE loves the Kenyan Old school locals because how can you not, when Redsan told us to be proud to be Kenyan

And Proff, Mejja and Ktisa gave us  reasons why…


Keep it Kenyan



What say you?

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