An Ode to the Best

Who else thinks the new crop of Kikuyu secular musicians is doing a marvellous job at maintaining the quality of songs that was set by the older musicians?

“Ok. Ok. Hands down. I see it’s all of you……..”

It’s refreshing to see MY  generation of  Kikuyu musicians have their “Thimo’s” “Ndai’s”,”Sayings” and all those other statements used in songs to give reference to a deeper meaning.

Which makes me wonder when the  Thimo’s and Ndai’s 101 class for my generation was,because I seem to have missed that memo.

Overall, this  is just an ode to   “Kuruga wa Wanjiku”,”Sam Wakiambo”,”Gachathi wa Thuo”, “Kaka man Nduati”,”Joyce wa Mama”,”Kioi Junior”,”Jose Gatutura”,”Syk Junior”,”Lady Monique”,”Sammy Muraya Junior”, “Gathee wa Njeri”, “Sarafina Salim”,Samidoh and everyone else  keeping us on that Kikuyu note.


pic from battlebears.vanillaforums


What say you?

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