How not to tell a joke

Can we unanimously agree that  telling jokes is not for everyone.

I for instance know my lane and I stick to it

However, for those that feel the need to overshare jokes that were funny 10 years ago

Or think everyone else has not yet discovered the internet,here are a few pointers of how not to

  • Never ever start the statement with ” I have a joke……”

No no no….

If you had a joke you wouldn’t feel the need to call it out……

What is that they say about coins in the pocket making noise anyway?

  • Here is the most likely scenario of how it’ll be

A: “I have a joke…….”

B: “share”

A: “Shares the joke……”.

A: “That’s the joke”

You’ll most definitely have to announce its end.

B ‘The  audience’ shifts eyes side to side for a collective laughter because  they all go to church and the pastor mentioned something about a hot hell and gnashing of teeth in the after life for sinful way,and hurting people’s feelings (even for those that deserve it), by not laughing at their jokes is a sinful way, we collectively pray……..”Lead us not into temptations

But then you realize they said…..

“I am a joke”


As you were


What say you?

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