The case for more chips

Since I have no play to talk about yet, how about we talk about my Easter and anything else that may arise along the way.

I went home for Easter. By home I mean shags,muchatha or gishagi for those who come from where I come from.

On that note, those jokes of ati WE people  say Gichagi (pronounced gichāgi) are not funny anymore….don’t believe me, look around …..Do you see anyone laughing? Anyone? grab a seat then

In shags people don’t just sit around. Not even with the equinox. Oh no.What is equinox anyway? Shags is  Nanyuki and if your geography does not fail you, Nanyuki is on the leeward side  of Mt Kenya. This means we don’t get that much rain add that to the equinox manenos and the tale of the dry land begins.

I consider myself a team player(at least that’s what my resume reads), and Christ has already died on the cross so I joined the team headed to plant potatoes on Easter Saturday . Si chips are potatoes na sisi wote tunapenda chips? how hard can planting potatoes be then? Let us find out

For a little elaboration,there are four steps to planting potatoes (according to the team I was with)

First…dig trenches that are like 10cm deep

Second….line up potatoes along the trenches in approximately 10 cm apart

Three….pour fertilizer along the laid potatoes

Four….Cover the potatoes/fill up the trenches

As you may have noted,this is based on no science or agriculture but from pure observation of what was going on

I grabbed a hoe and began digging the trenches, began I did and began I stopped.

I tried- and since they tell us to persevere-I tried again

All I kept hearing was “that is not deep enough”,”position the hoe this way or that way for you to move faster”.

They also tell us we have to know when to let something go so step one of the potato planting let me go(note its the step not me who let go)

I don’t remember about Step two but step three I did. This I declare my self appointed  position in the potatoes planting chain because by my vetting, I did a spectacular job.

To say the ground was hard is like saying water was wet. Its not rained in Nanyuki for sometime now and the scorching  sun for the one or so hour I was there cannot just be described.

This can best be described as the case for more chips, because people, we need to eat more chips.There is too much work (add weeding and harvesting) that goes on to potatoes to just not eat chips and other variations of potatoes thereof.


photo from kipsizoo.wordpress

In other news,

Whats the code for sharing something on social media?  You don’t share a quote or saying from two years ago and tag me then write “Now we know”….No no no….”Now we knew”

As you were


What say you?

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