Njikia Kindu and other stories

I have a play to write about

But first

I finally got my day at the refurbished Kenya National Theatre……….

And before the naysayers start….Ati oooohh Kui is bragging

Ama ohh give us news…..The theatre was refurbished ages ago and I had not gotten a chance to go in after missing keys here

So this is news in itself…

That day I woke very early in the morning, very apprehensive of what lay ahead. I brushed my hair, I took a cup of tea and I ran to theatre(Who remembers this? ).

What I am basically trying to say in memory of school compositions is, I finally got my day  and KNT and by all accounts that  Theatre looks good for days, albeit smaller. How is that possible and its in the same hall? or my eyes have become smaller? Whichever is which, the refurbished KNT looks Refurbished. Good stuff there with the red chairs, blue carpet and the clean looking stage curtains

Now that that is out of the way in case the watchman who refused to let me in is reading,we can talk about ‘Njikia Kindu’ by Fanaka Arts Theatre which I was there to watch on Valentine(Because its easier to write than February 14th and for those who are wondering  what I was doing on valentine’s)

Anyway back to the play, but before that I think its important to mention the seat booking system has been introduced in the KNT hall doing away with the adhoc system that was there before. This is for those like my boss who was complaining this week in the office how he was not amused and his legs hurt since he had paid by Mpesa and had not booked a seat and therefore had to wait for  everyone to get to their seat before he was allocated any extra seat. And since we don’t want an unhappy person before a play which ends up affecting their views of a play , now you know.

Now seriously back to the play. Set in the Kenya Army Major Githioro wa Ngurai’s home,the major is trying to win over the wife of one of his constable who is out in battle.This he does by sending his motorcycle delivery guy(otherwise known as msee wa nduthi )with presents and flowers to the lady of the house but these are received by the cheeky house help Gakii.

He(major) decides to invite the lady over for dinner but the call is received by the help instead who comes over but the major has by now been invited to another party and forgets about the invite he has already done on his end and leaves.

When Gakii arrives, he is received by major’s help, General Theodore (in which case we can call this the tale of two helps) and since Gakii does not know Theodore is the help and vice versa, they indulge into a plot that unravels to the major coming back to act like the help in what they were calling believability,  the constable and the real wife coming to the same house at different times to complete an already unfolding drama.

Directed by Tash Mitambo(who was also cast in the play) and produced by Warugu wa Ndung’u this was the second play by Fanaka Arts Theatre in the year 2016.

As always I posed the question  how the play was to my neighbour and he said”Ilikuwa poa” *2 since my two immediate neighbours answered the question(This should not be used as a judge of how loud my voice is)


I forgot to pick up on any TG but this will definitely happen in the coming plays


What say you?

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