Uka Nguhe an Ikenia Art’s production

Pride comes before a fall……

Yes it does and that was Ikenia Art’s message in the just concluded “Uka nguhe” play staged at the Alliance Francaise and directed by Lawrence Murage

The play was a showcase of what happens when you put a great cast and an even greater story line together.

Set out from grass to grace to grass, one woman, Wa kibe -a woman after my own laughter with the sarcasm-brings out what winning 20 million Kenyan shillings can or cannot do for you.

With Yahweh ministries having a spot together with all the euphemism African sausages(aka mitura) can get, this was bound to be and was a masterpiece from the word go.

For the one hour and 45 minutes the play lasted, this was my brother’s permanent position…..


And in his words, “Hiyo play ilikuwa poa tu sana”


There you have it. Na kama kawa, tembelea theatre iliyo karibu nawe


What say you?

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