2016’s First-Wife Begins at Dinner by Heartstrings Entertainment

In  addition to being broke, I want to believe the worst that can happen to you in January is losing your job. In the spirit of maintaining his job, Mr Cyprian requests,begs,cajoles (and all other suitable words) his live-in girlfriend to act as his wife because his holier than thou boss does not employ unmarried supervisors and is coming for a visit on the same day.

After borrowing unmatched seats, tables and even drinks from his neighbors, the house is set for the boss’s arrival only the girlfriend refuses to play wife without a real wedding.

What follows is a hilarious lowdown of lengths people can go to keep their jobs.This ranges from neighbour(man) playing wife, Mr Cyprian secretary offering to play wife albeit too late, and the live in girlfriend  coming back to play wife after leaving a stranded Cyprian in a huff.Put all that in to a two hour play and you get snippets of how the Comedy “Wife Begins At Dinner” hosted by Heartstrings Entertainment and  directed by Sammy Mwangi assisted by Ndeng’a held at Alliance Française auditorium between the 20th to 24th January 2016.

Special shout out goes to the secretary Rachel, for a job well done. In her words, “ilikuwa ngori ,mwisho wa stori”.

my favourite excerpt

Jaymo: So Rachel do you have a boyfriend?

Rachel: No

Jaymo: Why? what happened to your last boyfriend?

Rachel: I realized we had too much in common,including men


My company for the day said he really enjoyed the play and we will take him at his word.



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