When these type of conversations happen

The other day I am in a Matatu from Nanyuki to Nairobi four days into the new year. Two hours into the three hour journey the usual chatter at the beginning of a journey has gone down and half the passengers are asleep while the other half is wondering(at least I was) how people get so comfortable to sleep in a matatu to the point of snoring?

Taking a break from my book, the passenger next to me strikes a conversation and since my mother taught me better and hasn’t the year just began? I engage and we have one of those chats about anything and NOTHING

Him: Holiday imeisha

Me: eee

Him: nikama elnino haikufika huku

Me: Ndio inaonekana

……..so on so forth you get the drift

Then the most interesting thing part happens

Him: so where do you live in Nairobi


Him: Do you know (forgot the name) church near that place

Me: no Ive never heard of it

Him: You can’t have missed it has a really big sign next to the highway

Me: ill look out for it


Me: huh (while clearly in need of this deliverance)


But Really people….Really…. when did we get here?

We are now identifying churches with people?

Anyway,  I hope you’ve all enjoyed your holidays and are ready for the 2016 share of theatre……I hope and pray they have great things planned for us.

Na kwa hayo machache…… Tembelea theatre iliyo karibu na wewe


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