Thombotha Mwanya by Fanaka Arts Theatre

3:45 pm, Saturday 5th Dec 2012 sets the opening show of Thombotha Mwanya by Fanaka Arts. The play directed by Gitau wa Mitambo and produced by Warugu Ndungu is set at the Alliance Francaise garden and packed to capacity.

To what I would describe as a feel good play, the opening scene is set with Cucu wa Amethi, Wanja and Joe a street family camped at a church. The bishop (Damiano) fiancee will have none of this and is set to throw the family out. The church cleaner, an elder and the Bishop all intervene to have the street family get jobs, a place to live and have Joe circumcised. All this delivered in bouts of laughter here and there.

By 5:30, which marks the plays end, the lady besides me, thinks… “the play was awesome didn’t you see how I was laughing?” On the other hand, my company for the play thought…. “ It was ish ish”……. his words.


TG: Mundu wina rwake amiaga arungii


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