Reke Nemwo by Johari Productions

“Call me when going to catch the next play” I get a lot of these statements even from those who voice their opinion that I talk too enthusiastically about the theatre field I should consider a career change. Whether they are being truthful or sarcastic is a non-issue. The issue here is “Tembelea theatre iliyo karibu nawe ”. I have read of plays being staged at different towns in the country Mombasa, Nakuru, Nyeri and of course Nairobi.

Back to the people accompanying me to the plays. When a friend/relative mentions about hitting them when there is a play, I try to take them after a really good play(my judgment) in the hope that an even better play will be staged. This is as I am secretly wishing they will realize what they have been missing and request for a rerun of all the plays that there have ever been(ha) but more so hoping that this will awaken the desire to visit the theatre as often as I do.

This is exactly what I had in mind after watching this performance. So four cousins(people not the drink) later, Saturday 12th December 6:30pm finds us at Kenya National Theatre Ukumbi Mdogo(still waiting to visit the refurbished theatre) for Reke Nemwo by Johari productions. All set and anticipation in store,we sing the national anthem at 6:50 pm signifying the start of the play (and my crossed fingers) RekeNemwo by Johari productions directed by Lawrence Murage and produced by Gacheru wa Ngeeru and Mwana Mwende.

Throughout the first scene about raising cash for a cancer mum, I steal glances at two of my first timer cousins and in the words of Morgan Heritage,“there is nothing to smile about”. One of them is permanently glued on her screen while the other manages a chuckle here and there. Another of my cousin sat behind me and I avoid his eyes all through in-case I meet them and realize he is not enjoying the play. The cousin beside me is a veteran so I am not too worried about her. We’ve been through the good and I mean excellent plays deserving a double take at watching and the not so good plays .

Over the different scenes, the messages are clear raging from depending on ourselves and much less on our politicians to the “can-never-be-said-enough” pride comes before a fall.
Three hours later as we wait for the rain to subside for us to leave, this is what opinion from my four cousins and the lady on my right sounded like;

Cousin 1: sijui kama ni juu sijawahi watch play ingine aiiihhh ahahah (shaking her head)
Cousin 2: It was ok. The landlord with the mix of  English and Kikuyu did it for me.
Cousin 3: me nitasema tu ilikuwa average
Cousin 4: (the veteran): Tell them I liked only their songs
Lady on my right: It was nice
There you have it Reke Nemwo as described by my people.

TG: Andu aria mari miithikiri nio mahoyanaga bobo


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