Wakaratha Ndatha by Fanaka Arts Theatre

Set in General’s home, we are introduced to General, his two sons “mataha” and “kajoe”(often mistaken for a girl) and the daughter “Wairimu”. Hilarious banter ensues as general questions why mataha his eldest son has no wife nor any scandal because to him, “Mwanaume ni scandal”

After a short meeting, the family launches “operation tafutia Wairimu Bibi”. They identify one of the chief’s guard as a suitable suitor. A loose-tongued general’s family takes the suitor business downhill with a hungry calf and naked man story I beg not to repeat.

Wakaratha Alias Mwene is in the rain making scam. Through hilarious “la muher” kind of declarations, the chiefs guard and Mwene try to woo Wairimu and ending the 2 hour show. Lest I forget, we also got a lesson on the difference between “cama”,”murio” and “muti”

Produced by Warugu wa Ndung’u and directed by Gitau Mitambo,  above was just a snippet of Wakaratha Ndatha staged at Alliance Francaise by Fanaka Arts Theatre.


  • TG: Kuhuria mwena ta gaturu
  • The lady next to me said the play was nice.

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