Unprolonged Review of Menya Ciaku

Howdy Good people,

Its been a while and I have also been missing in action for a while but for reasons beyond my control.

All in all, I got to catch “Menya Ciaku” a Johari Productions on Saturday 3rd October

Below is an un-prolonged Review of it  based on those that were with me

  • Synonymous with Johari,the play had four different scenes:- a school, chama, club and recording studio all with a different perspective.
  • The play was generally nice with a great cast too.
  • However, the script may need a little tightening to authenticate it and bring it closer home.

“It was nice but not electric” my cousin’s response on how the play was.


Till the next time…….Tembelea theatre iliyo karibu na wewe


One thought on “Unprolonged Review of Menya Ciaku

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