As someone who has been to the Kenya National Theatre (KNT) before, with the rundown red chairs  always in mourning when you sit on them (major creaking sounds) and a curtain that looked like its been closing and opening shows since Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s “Ngahika ndenda (I Will Marry When I Want)” , I look forward to the promised  ‪#‎NewLookKNT. 

If the pictures on social media and the increased range of performances that can happen are what is promised, please Mr. President, go ahead and cut that ribbon we will be visiting soon.

Looking forward to the first play(Amba Nyambure by Fanaka)I get to watch there after the renovation hoping and praying it will be so mind blowing a befitting performance for a hall that has just undergone an over 100 million Kenya shillings renovation.

In other news: Below is a conversation I had at the gate when I went to watch cabi yene last week at  KNT (ukumbi mdogo)

Me: Can I have a peek at the main hall to see how its become?

Guard : nope unless ukuje mchana

Me: But hata saa hii naeza ona tu(its around 6.30pm)

Guard: Mwenye hueka funguo alizibeba akienda home.

Mhhh… So even for such a hall they carry keys home? I see you Mr. Guard

New look KNT

New look KNT

Source: Kenya National Theatre (KNT) facebook page


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