Back to KNT “Cabi Yene” by Johari Productions

Today’s post starts with the assumption that everyone watched Cabi yene by Johari Five because how could you not have?

Yet Roho (pastor James’ spirit) was communicating with people (those who watched the play know this)

My name got a mention in the play (of course I have to mention this why not?-vanity)

and even bigger, or for no other reason, we were back to the Kenya National Theatre after being out for a while.

If the above did not convince you enough, having no better way to put it, YOU MISSED OUT.

Have you watched a play so thrilling you feel like holding it in to sip the juices for as long as longevity can be? or drink it like a hot cup of tea every morning and enjoy as the thrill manifests bit by bit all day every day? or a play  made just how you like it, you want to stand at the end and shout that’s my language and that’s my play right there……

That and much more was what Cabi Yene by Johari five was.

Produced by Gacheeru wa Ngeru and directed by Triza Kabue and Lawrence Murage(who were actors too), I knew this was my going to be my play from the first scene….”A SOCIAL SCENE”- (on that note: I feel like we should have a law requiring every play to have a social scene-wedding,burial,graduation,ordainment-“as it was in the play”baby shower…. name them). Those from Kikuyu land know how we love a good celebration so imagine an exaggerated form of already exaggerated celebration.See why we need a law?

To all the script writers, would it be too much to ask? oh and don’t forget the committee preceding the celebration. Thank you”

Pastor James the village’s son returns from pastoral school calling for a welcome celebration.. The church is decorated, food cooked and work divided to ensure a successful celebration. The contention though is on who will be ‘serving’ (yes, that one you have in mind) and after hilarious disclosure of why none of the villagers is fit to ‘serve’ the pastor its left to be since the Lord may have provided a wife in school. Pastor James arrives in all manner of grandiosity and a spirit that seems to be communicating in a different language from what the villagers are used to. From the dress code, the  language and the new form of worship, this is a truly different spirit . But since  the spirit has spoken, who are mere mortals to argue with him? The village women quickly learn the new ways and in their long dresses and head scarves, nengua viungo they do…..

If at the end of this scene they had the bow, I am certain people would have streamed out satisfied of the play. But what do you know, we have a second third and fourth scene.

Pastor James’ insta family  with internet manenoz.made the second scene.  Photos of what not to share in  family whats app groups were CLEARLY highlighted with hair manenoz ( no reference to head hair)

A high school staff room came in next complete with a timetable and teachers covered in chalk in their pockets and hands (picture your high school days scenario). The old teacher ‘Mrs Kimotho’, the gossiper ‘Miss Odhiambo, Formerly ‘Mrs Maina’, ‘Mr Kuria the chemistry teacher always on ethanol’, ‘the newbie’ and of course on teaching practice ‘miss Leah’. make up the school’s teaching body. Miss Leah who would be better off working for crown paints advertisement with all that colour on her face is in constant competition with the female students for the male teachers, male students and even the students parents but as she put it, “its not my monkey, not my circus“.

It can never be a Johari Production without having a current matter. On this the current wave of scandalous pastors with their blue range rovers and blue suits got their spot. Being in an adulterous scandal was given as the fastest gateway towards a successful pastoral career. Pator Mureithi in the quest for a bigger church, got himself the scandal,the mistress and the desired big church all from pastor James avoiding the scandal.  The prophetess was there too for moral support with reassurances that the lost house in Runda could all be recovered from one Sunday schools offertory.  When the press rolled accompanied by the “witness eye” the play was done and done to a wild, roaring conclusion.

I ask the 2  people accompanying me how the play was:

Cousin 2: Very nice….. I liked it.

Person Y (they said I write anonymous): Play worth watching!!

You should have seen their faces as they said this.

Simply put, this play was fantastique

Big up to the production



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