Behind Every Kenyan Stomach by Heartstrings Entertainment

Fifteen minutes into the scheduled start time, “BEHIND EVERY KENYAN STOMACH” play by heartstrings starts. This by heartstrings entertainment I especially appreciate when I am on time.  When am late, I count my losses and purpose to be early the next time.

Past the introductions and the national anthem,the play is a satirical representation of what would be if men got pregnant. Delivered beautifully and sarcastically,the message is spelt out at the end for those who may have missed it in the bouts of laughter that “No man is man enough to play a woman”. The play depicts the society as a whole and the role of corruption in crippling its people.

Patrick and Cynthia play the lead couple role together with their “not with badness” help. They lay out the message through a series of events that take you through the couple’s home, the hospital and a baby shower.  Hovering in the house, the neighbour pastor C (C for Clitorium) and the work mate who never know when to shut up, a few comic lines just stood out for me……..

  •  “Babe I confuse you with a mosque vile unanijamia” (Get it?)
  • “Oh you were born in 1972? that means ulipata story ya tom Mboya assassination ikiwa breaking news”
  • When telling the co-worker to shut up….”Cheza bubu game”

On that note,…… the best way to enjoy a heartstrings play is to keep up with the current on goings in the country. These plays are so current last week news don’t get featured.

“So how was the play?”  I ask my cousin who was accompanying me

“It was nice……. but………(shrugs shoulders) it was nice”


Catch the last five shows at the Alliance Francaise Auditorium this weekend


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