The White Kikuyu that never was

What’s the feeling when you are seated on those additional plastic chairs at the hall’s walkway they give out when the hall is fully booked while you can spot unoccupied seats for the entire play? And how comes those empty seats are mostly the central seats with the best vantage point…..?

Its Sunday 19th July  and I am among the last to enter the Alliance française theatre hall. Reason,  I have just identified the title to this post. The White Kikuyu. Wouldn’t that be a title?As I wait to see whether the white will enter the theatre hall I realize a little twist will be needed for the title to fit.  But no worries, we are  in the twisting business, The White Kikuyu that never was. close enough? Excellent. Once a good title always a good title. As it turns out, the white  who was about to inform the title is there to admire the art on display outside the alliance auditorium and probably the only Kikuyu he knows is the one sitting pretty on the notes he is using to pay for his many adventures in Kenya, like staring at paintings.On that note, is it just me or is some art just hard to appreciate. I am talking about those hangings/paintings where the Lord above knows you gave it your best to understand the inspiration(is that the word) behind the painting. You close one eye, you open your heart and soul eyes but nothing… Nada… and you just have to walk away thinking at least I understand the name. Mirror.

With a title to boot and a lack of  understanding on paintings, I find my way to seat number E9 which indicates I am neither on the plastic chairs nor did I fail to show up rendering my seat those “why the heck is that seat empty while I am perched on this plastic chair” looks from those seated at the peripheral. The seat next to me was empty the entire time and no I am not the one who had booked it.

30 minutes into the hour the play starts with the national anthem in Kikuyu. Key statement being , national anthem in Kikuyu. Thank You for asking, we are sophisticated like that.

The play which I felt had a really good theme was on the  troubles kins face when they send money for investments from majuu(in this case Tanzania). Upon return, the only investment they find is a lot of confusion from lying relatives, lying in hand neighbours, ex-kamiti convicts and the “not wanting a part of” sister.

The kin sending the dollars from Tanzania is the aunt who does not entertain any lies but entertains others with lies. Her lingo upon arrival is Kikuyu spoken in the flowery coastal  accent and this was it for me in this play .

Ill leave it there for you to explore your imaginations on how the story fared. Don’t forget to include a non- existence greenhouse,lying neighbours an ex-kamiti con and a neighbour who does not know when to shut up.

With the excellent cast that was , Ikia Njikie by Fanaka Arts staged at the Alliance française auditorium 16-19th July was a good production. The only contention though;  I wish they explored more especially towards the end after the revelation. It was too abrupt an end. The audience during my session dint realize the play was kaput.


Note: I plan on asking whoever I am with or those  sitted next to me how the play was and writing it specifically how they say it.

On this one My cousin said:“Ilikuwa poa, but sio kama ile ingine”


What say you?

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