Thingira na John De Mathew by Fanaka Arts Theatre

Its soo good to watch a 5 hr comedy show and really enjoy!! You know just immerse yourself in laughter and forget everything else exist. That’s what Fanaka Arts 4th edition Thingira was all about. Laughter,laughter and more laughter.

The comedy show MCeed by one Njomo Nyathira was staged at the Alliance Française gardens on Saturday the 13th June

Performances were by a mixture of upcoming/new and veteran artists who did that and much more.

On stage were  El presidente Waridi talking about shambas (not real farms), Nyandini fromHotha kana wuikare christian church”,Gikarati, the Wagithomoz– who we have no doubt can DANCE- Professor Honorable Doctor Hannington Mugweru- he does not talk about Probox(es/s) due to allergy, Muthee Kiengei and a final performance by Mundu particular and crew.

Comedian/presenter turned MCA Karungo wa Thang’wa reminisced on his comedy days and a special shout out to Pastor Kuria who literally made my ribs hurt.

De Mathew could have been on stage all nite and still not get enough of. Good work.

Thumbs up to the Fanaka Arts Theatre for a job well done.



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