TI HAU NI HAU by Ikenia Arts

I have no idea who writes the Ikenia scripts but SOMEONE needs to shake their hand. Someone is in caps meaning it should be someone not anyone.

How bicycles and bicycle pumps can be used to illustrate bedroom matters is the reason why SOMEONE needs to shake that hand. You could watch this play with kids and I can only imagine the ensuing conversation

Junior(because all kids are called junior): Mum why is uncle laughing about pumping a bicycle

Mum: Because its only adults who are supposed to pump bicycles

Junior; huh!!( Insert all the confused looks you can assume in a kid)

This was the opening scene for Ikenia arts “Ti hau ni hau”

The hospital scene was up second with the doctor they stopped churning out of medical school in 1900(read nineteen ohh ohh) You know how doctors are all smiley and nice even when they are talking about injections? Get the opposite of those words and use them to express the lady doctor in this scene. I had a blast listening to her and especially her sarcasm. I need to say here a lot of time is saved by having the condom dispensers in the washrooms.That was the message from this scene.

Main and side dishes took scene three. That’s all I can say for this scene

Imagine the woman preacher of Holy Ghost ministries “eating”(hehe) the lamb a youth leader who is the boyfriend to the daughter. In the imagination, add the husband to the preacher accompanied a female lamb who is also a girlfriend to the son -we are still together right?- Bring all those people in one hotel, add a sneaky bartender, a housekeeper who is a member of Holy Ghost ministries and an old “what the hell” guest  and you have my most favourite and last part of the play.

That in summary was the Ti hau ni hau play staged at Herisquare between 5th and 7th June.

I(key word) felt the scenes were a bit too long for this kind of play which was more words and less action. This in turn  watered down a lot of the punches in the various scenes.



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