We got Mail

Yes we did.

Someone who knows someone who knows someone directed the someone to this post and the someone replied to our complains. So yes we got mail

Yesterday evening I refresh my email account and a message from Ikenia pops. At first I think it’s those mass appreciation message for attending their plays so I let it slide.

A second look today and I realise someone is listening(or rather reading) when we complain. Its good to know the folks at Ikenia arts appreciate the feedback and are looking at addressing the issues raised especially on the venue.

  • To the good folks renovating KNT, we pray and hope renovations will stick to the schedule. what’s the schedule you ask? I do not know either but I believe its soon
  • If the photos circulating  the social media are true of the renovations at KNT, WE CANT WAIT.

I’ll be back to review “Ti hau ni hau”



What say you?

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