Kenyans Please Step Aside by Heartstrings Entertainment

“Its bad to be a pest but its bad to be a big pest”

Kenyans please step aside by heartstrings entertainment is the source of the line above and the play I am still waiting for the “punch” from.

I watched the play on Saturday 9th May and the part I appreciate most, the play started at 3:15 pm the hall barely quarter full. (Woe unto you African timers)

The play started with a tussle between Milton and Doreen(husband and wife) in a competing match on throwing clothes and words. This was all fine until there was a flask in the picture -and we all know we grow our own tea so you can mess with anything else in our Kenyan home but not our tea flasks.

The  neighbors who can never let people fight in peace made their entrance and we all know how this ends,- if you don’t, make an appearance at the next heartstrings play. There is an 80% chance there will be a neighbor’s scene-

For the plots peace, it was agreed the wife should step aside. When a wife steps aside what do we do? We look for a replacement(Don’t miss the sarcasm in that statement) so Milton’s wants a wife, Milton gets a wife.

Milton’s traditional wedding was scene two and this here was the play’s backbone scene. Add to that the relatives  who think the word “testicles” and “spectacles” can be used interchangeably and I rest my case.

Mama Cindy’s hotel was scene three and the only think I have here is, “Chai iko town maziwa iko Kinoo”

The last and final scene was a government hospital  reception scene.

That’s all for now. As I said before, am still waiting for the punch on this one.

  • A lukewarm play in my opinion



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