Ruta Ndute By Ikenia Arts

“Terrorists escaped, escapedent they?

A line from Ikenia Arts play Ruta Ngurute as police recruits try to explain why English is an important language in the police force.

Ikenia Arts second play was staged at (that place we all agreed not to like)Herisquare between the 1st and 3rd of May 2015 and yours truly even with the much dislike for the venue made an appearance.

The play’s first scene devoured the police recruitment exercise to the bone. Imagine all those “fungua mdomo”, “funga jicho moja” exaggerated (as if they are already not in real life) add in loads of humor subtract no chills for the police and you are close to what the first scene was about.

Reversed roles with men talking about soap operas while the ladies were on the football got spot too and this was extended to scene 3 where men had taken their toddlers to hospital. I dint realize pampers could be used in too many ways.

To understand how current ikenia(with johari cast) plays get, the Mayweather Pacquiao boxing match was scene four. And this was even before the fight happened. In other news, that was not the greatest way to end that play.

All those scenes put together were about a lady looking for a husband demonstrated at the end of every scene.

I will call this a lukewarm play.Not too bad but not the best work either for their second play. Mark you this has nothing to do with the noise from the club which was a problem all on its own.



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