We went back to phoenix for “Mboco Nange” by Johari Productions

Venue: Johari primary school
Event: Prize giving ceremony

Do you remember how when you were in class one –and am talking about primary school not any of those academies or group of schools- the class eights always appeared big and full of mischief, take that scenario and you have Johari five’s Mboco Nange first scene. The scenario lived up to what my mind thought upper primary was in my short-lived life in primary school. The class of course had “Wanja kihii”, the teacher whose business is all about reminding others of their parents failure and ……..you are right, the teacher’s pet .

As for the the parents in the prize giving ceremony, the eacher summarized it well “ngima yumaga mutuini”.

You know Kevin from IT whom everyone seems to be giving advice on who to keep off, mama Ian the tea lady, and the big boss you avoid at all cost? Now go back to the end of year retreat. The one where there were rumors of the boss and that pretty chick in PR? You remember? well your company got a spot too on the play.

Sauna, technicalities and old wives …………………. Scene three

I assume they call them adult movies because they are meant for adults, Right? Now imagine for this play’s sake your great-grandmother (note not grandmother) together with her pastor watching these movies? Are you done with the imagination or did it not happen at all? I know am pushing it but how else do I explain scene four?
The play typical of Johari style was a combination of different scenes, minimal stage prop and their greatest asset, a brilliant and diverse cast that changes roles as easily as I can say well done.

Mboco nange was about  moral decadence packaged in humorous varied scene without losing the bigger question, who is to blame?

Thumbs up to the play but we can do without exaggeration of some scenes to maintain the jokes/lines/scenes punch lines.


Question; Johari, where will we move to now that Phoenix is proving to be too small a home for us?


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