The garden staged “Madam Madam Where are you Madam? by Heartstrings Entertainment”

Sema the house coming down,

Yes, that one in laughter but literally too.

The stage FELL DOWN.One minute we have a stage the next we don’t (OK am exaggerating but isn’t that what plays are  about?).

The stage gave in on one side but thankfully no one was hurt or their acting is super duper good.

The falling was not  funny at all (maybe a little) but how they shot fro it I can only imagine the director wondering.. “what part of the script is that?” They did it so well they got a standing ovation albeit through clapping and cheering that part got (or could have people been clapping at their falling? we are not that mean)

Above is from the tastefully furnished set of “MADAM MADAM WHERE ARE YOU MADAM” play by heartstrings Kenya. The date is 21st and the time 6:30 pm.

Heartstrings Kenya March edition was as rib cracking as advertised. The play was on identity misunderstanding(theft would be a wrong word here)

Charlie receives a letter on his inheritance and for two broke students living together the imagination of what this will do is delivered punchline after punchline. The only catch with the inheritance, marriage. This is no problem for cheeky students like Charlie and the roommate who have girlfriends and all they have to do  is introduce them to the aunt. The only catch the girls fathers fights with sticks and stone(and this is not a metaphor).

The inheritance will be delivered by Charlies aunt arriving later in the day and the preparations are ongoing with less than ksh200 to cater for a feast  but ksh 2000 set aside for drinks. The preparations together with Charlo(baba safi- you know mama safa – baba safi, that one) provide for the play’s best act(judge and jury)  and from this scene my ribs literally hurt.

I assume in art school acting 101 goes something like “whatever role you get play it like you are the main character” This would be the only explanation to give for Charlo’s act. I will call this main support well delivered. The  guy was witty with  his rejoinders, his actions and his costume and only insisted on speaking in english.

Charlie: wakinipea sweet as change naweza mumunya

Roommate: eee.

Charlo: Niambie mumunya na kizungu

Roommate: mumunya na kizungu

After establishing Charlo was excellent, we move on.

The aunt’s arrival preparations are ongoing.  The neighbour whose been cast in a play comes to show off HIS costumes. The girlfriends arrive but are in a hurry. The aunt is getting late. The neighbour is a he in a lady’s costume. The girlfriends mistake the costumed “he” for the aunt. The girls father arrives. The aunt owns Kempinski. The father after a rather embarrassing encounter learns this and now wants to marry the aunt(costumed man). The real aunt arrives. The costumed neighbour is Charlie’s dad.

The above was the play in a few sentences. Add excellently scripted lines , a masterful of a cast and you will be close to why heartstrings thought the best woman for the job is a man.

To cap all this, the play was staged on the Alliance gardens and not the usual auditorium. Free flow of fresh air together with the serene night atmosphere was the most appropriate location for this play that took close to 3hours.



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