Better late than never post “Gwikinya Ithagu by Fanaka Arts”

This is a late post as the title reflects but I have work to blame for it.

Gwikinya Ithagu by Fanaka was staged on the 12th -15th at the Alliance auditorium.

The play was about an extra marital affair, a nosy friend a nosier old man,a hilarious wife, a more hilarious mother in law and………(insert what you wish) mistress.

The play was good generally(still got no love for the hide and seek) but the ending was bad.

The end: The cast broke broke down in laughter(no problem with that) but this affected the suspense which I assumed was to be at the last scene.(btw this was the sat 6pm show)

Overall, if you wanted to know what a great cast does to a show; this was the play to catch. The best in the kikuyu play galore were well represented and they brought their A game(minus the last scene)

My paper containing the play details has decided to disappear on me so for now that will do.


Note to Fanaka: Ticketing table….. aiiiihhhh!!


What say you?

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