Count down 5….4…3…2….1

The  show I have been waiting for is happening this weekend!!

I will call it the funniest show (I have not watched it thank you for pointing that out but my teacher mentioned something on experience and  best teacher in a sentence somewhere!!)

In so, we will keep to calling it the funniest(and all other good “est’ words) because I can bet it will be!!

Blockbuster is what Johari Productions who have been missing for promise so come one come all and lets hold them accountable .

 The Professional Center on Parliament road will be the venue this time round. This is a chance to all  my people who have not been to parliament, to get a glimpse of the building but when narrating of your nairobi maneuvers, feel free to sit on the speakers seat in your story (no judgement)!!. Count this as another reason why you should come for the show.

On that note the last time I was at professional center they gave us Horlicks (na horlicks ilienda wapi?) so Johari, be ready with the goodies now that you are near parliament (tunaomba serikali)

The dates 6th – 8th March

CHARGES; 500 Bob. Advance tickets @ 400/= before 5th March.

6th- 8th March!! A non-miss

6th- 8th March!! A non-miss

Twendeni show!!


What say you?

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