THUA NGUTHUE by Fanaka Arts Theatre

Every time I enter the theatre hall my mind always makes happy dances because one am happy to be alive to watch another play and two, the thought of how happy ill be at the end is enough to start the happiness at the beginning. This is no different as I enter the Alliance Francaise hall on sun 25th 3 pm.The play on show is Fanaka’s “THUA NGUTHUE”(don’t bother translate), Produced by Warugu wa Ndung’u and produced by Njomo Nyathira. This also happens to be Fanaka’s grand opening show 2015.

The play was a birthday celebration for Mwene a 40-year-old man suffering from mind disorder as a result of shock experienced years ago. Mwene and his wife have two sons one surviving in Kerugoya and another thriving in Qatar. In the picture is also Mwene’s sister Waceke- irony of her size- a spinster devoted choir member. Enter a gossipy multi-divorcee neighbor and a man who claims to be Mwene’s children real dad and you have the full cast.

Gossip thrives whenever Kikuyu women are gathered and the women here knew best how to uphold this known fact. The party preparations had enough gossip and if the weekend was not over by the time I was typing this, I would have highly recommend you watch the play if for no other part but this. The parents preferential treatment between the thriving and the surviving son takes a large portion of the play and they deliver it very hilariously (the play not the treatment). The play takes a twist when the son living in Qatar son on arrival for the fathers party comes with the real dad much to the mum’s surprise, taking the already hilarious play a notch higher. Its at this at this scene, I get to learn use of pebbles as a form of communication in the old love days. If you were there you know what I mean, if you weren’t, catch the next one they might repeat it.

Overall Fanaka’s 2015 grand opening play was a big thumbs up deserving a 5 star rating. If  the play was an indication of what Fanaka’s year will be about, I would highly recommend everyone(at least if you understand Kikuyu)  to make an appearance in the subsequent Fanaka’s productions. The play was hilarious, the stage well set, a good theme and an even better cast. It was good to see the veteran Kikuyu actors doing what they do best.

Rib cracking. That was the response from Njeri, beautiful lady seated beside me when I asked her how the play was in one word. Three of my friends agree with this response too so better believe it was not biased.



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