Cheating Festival of Creative Arts way –“Consequences “

Consequences was staged by festival of creative arts from 21st to 23rd at Alliance Francaise and again on 28th at the Louis Leakey Auditorium National museums of Kenya. The short version of this show was  cheating galore as the title of this post indicates.

On a more elaborate summary, the play was a set of twists and turns as cheating couples tried desperately to keep their secrets hidden. Friend “A” in deed offers her friend “B” in need her house to get some action since Friday are A’s Zumba night and the husband is away on a trip to Mombasa. The husband’s trip is cancelled and since the wife is away why not bring home one of the air hostess to help nurse the cancelled flight? The play answers that question and why such kind of thought should never cross your mind. It also appears B’s husband and A had a different kind of Zumba planned, while Everyone apart from A spends the night in the same house.

As is synonymous with FCA, the wit and humor is more in their words rendering this a more ‘mature- kind- of- audience’ play set up.  The humor and delivery, reminds the audience why they keep coming back. The confrontations, the cover-ups, the marital deceit all were combined on this one to bring out a very well produced, directed and acted play.

According to Wikipedia, comedies are plays, which are designed to be humorous. This was what was advertised by FCA and this they did by putting together a cast that delivered just that. Xavier Nato, Maina Olwenya, Robert Agengo, Umi Rajab, Nice Githinji and Melissa Kiplagat that’s what A game is all about. This group here represented what acting is all about-a combination of skill and experience. The group was most comfortable on stage and their delivery was flawless even with the smiling in between.

The bad
I give a thumbs up for the beautiful play and the play starting on time. HOWEVER, FCA as a production house needs to do something about ticket retrieval at the tickets desk. You cannot have a play begin on time and still have people shouting on your desk to have their tickets retrieved making them late for the play yet they paid on time. The whole system on the desk is a good example of why we should embrace technology. I make a mention of this because this was not a onetime thing.
• Is it possible to have a play whose theme does not involve people hiding from each other? (a question as well as a wish)
• Was it I alone or has the play consequence been staged before? It felt like I have watched the play before


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