KAANA FUNNY by Fanaka Arts- So that I forget

Disappointing (disəˈpoin(t)iNG/) adjective- failing to fulfill someone’s hopes or expectations.

I could end the post there because that was what Fanaka Art’s play Kaana Funny was!! [And to think the play’s name was funny (shakes head!!)}. On this one,the production house could as well have said refer here because that play was the same as forbidden by Festival of creative arts minus the cops and the humor. And by same, I mean even the stage set up!!

The play was about a taxi man running parallel homes aided by the abnormal taxi working hours (sounds familiar?). The kids from the two homes unfamiliar about each other plan a meet up after getting in touch on Facebook and the play was all about the father trying to make sure the scheduled meeting does not happen. A friend- who ill refer to later- plays the deed part in the friend in need by trying to keep the secret a secret but in vain. The twist here was the two wives knew about each other for the 20 years or so and this they let us know with no suspense at all!!

The friend (referred to earlier)

  • A lot seemed to be out-of-place on his part and it appeared as if his role was added just to increase the number of cast members (This has nothing to do with his acting skills- Kimiti who played that part is an excellent actor).
  • Case in point- As portrayed, there was no prior knowledge of the friend’s(taxi driver) philandering ways yet went about in covering up for him. And what was it with the going to Naivasha and closing door for people in their own homes?

With that said, could you blame me for not remembering any of the cast names? This performance coming immediately after Thingira was such a let down. With the cast you had, and the title funny to boot, you should have done waaayyyy better!!

On that note, if you ever have to do a play done by another house, please tell us prior so that we dont have to watch the same play twice. we will just press the translate button.

I rest my case.



2 thoughts on “KAANA FUNNY by Fanaka Arts- So that I forget

  1. i felt ripped off, id rather watch a sad story than this boring and stolen script. they even shamelesly stole everything transition they couldn’t execute. I hated it


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