When watching a play but the joke’s on you.

According to Wikipedia, A pet peeve also called pet hate is a minor annoyance  that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to themselves, to a greater degree than others may find it.

Today having no play to talk about ,why not talk about my theater pet peeves?

This is in no way a final list and will certainly increase as the number of plays watched increase.

Note: MY/MINE(belonging to or associated with the speaker) is the key word here.

  • Starting time

Some production houses have no respect at all for starting time. I understand giving an allowance of  15 minutes before start; but a play scheduled for 3.00 pm starting at 3.45 pm? Someone’s watch need adjusting and I can promise you its not mine. The worst part about time is the moment you start waiting for people, the audience is never on time because they know the play will never start on time!!

  • Laughter

There is no easier way of saying this but some people need to learn how to laugh!! I may not have the best of laughter but I will have an opinion on this. The second worst thing than watching a boring play is sitting next or near those people with loud extended laughter. Loud alone is OK because the actors pause for a while when people are laughing but loud and extended…No No No! You make those around you miss out on the next lines of the play which is nothing to laugh about for those of us who who want to hear everything!!

  • A not so funny play

When you advertise a play as rib cracking or in other words that give same meaning, ensure my ribs hurt literally if not crack from the laughter you will have shared. Playing with my phone in the middle is not a good sign neither is constant yawning. Let us all learn to deliver on our promises and we will all have done our part in having a happy nation. Is that too much to ask?

  • Talking/Whispering

First, If you have nothing to say before the play starts,ensure you have nothing to say until the play ends! Second, if you are not part of the cast, why are you talking in the middle of the play? Is it so hard to let others enjoy the fruits of their tickets? Ponder on those questions and its not too late to change you whisperer.  2- 3 hrs of silence never killed anyone unless you are telling me how you will pay for my next 3 tickets, for one you can wait to tell me after!

On that note,just because I have not given walking in and out in the middle of a play its own section does not make it in any way acceptable! Please use the washrooms before and after the play. For those going to answer calls, its 2-3 hrs am sure  it can wait (unless its an emergency- how many of those are ever emergencies anyway?).

By the way, if you come late, pick a seat at the back.

You can share your pet hates with me, I promise to report on them too.


What say you?

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