Let’s talk about Thingira by Fanaka Arts

Thingira IIIIIIII thingira AAAAA!!

I’ll start by saying I am super excited to be writing about this because writing about a job well done is all I am about!!

Fanaka Arts staged the first ever gikuyu and music  stand up comedy and they deserve a salute for a well organized and staged act! Thingira as I know is a traditional kikuyu hat and the set up was such that we were entering the hat as we went to the sitting area and the comedians were entering and leaving the hat as they were coming in and out the stage. A free tumbler of muratina was what you got as you went in  because what’s a kikuyu thingira  without muratina and who does not feed visitors at their home? This served by ushers dressed in the kikuyu regalia,the thingira message was home.

The welcoming act was a group of kikuyu traditional singers accompanied by complete traditional musical instruments that included an accordion(I seem to be hazy on whether it was there or not but where else do I get to use such words if not here?) and shakers.

First to welcome the visitors was Njomo the current director at Fanaka and he set the pace for what was about to come!! His jokes were on point, very original with no repetitions (except when you made us keep repeating the Ng’endo’s family- that is not a complain). Even with the lights going off at some point in his act, he was able to incorporate the black out as part of his jokes that goes to prove comedy is for a selected few.

The talking wandindi was also in the house and we sang and talked with the wandindi. Good stuff.

Mr. Gathemba, thank you for bringing the sarcasm in (still smiling up to now) and also for defining who wahengas are – old men from Murang’a(kikuyu version does not sound any nice)

The Wagithomoz, this might not be my cup of tea but people around me were laughing so from my observation of the people, they were good too.

Zedee from  Churchill show  was the only lady act and she did an amazing job with her scratch(mwithuo) jokes!! This is what I meant by the selected few. Scractch=jokes, would never have thought

Njoroge(papa Shirandula) together with Peter Gathambo (gumbaru school) represented those from Kirinyaga and we got utabiri wa hali ya anga!! All from a lady’s figure!! sema jokes versatility(anyone still not convinced of my English?)

The final act was from mundu particular and it was particular all the way!! He started by explaining how he was only dealing with our 50 bob out of the tickets ksh 1000 a reason we should not be  worried if he was not all that hilarious. All I will say was, that was the best 50 bob ever spent. From burials, carjacking to long bananas at Kibingoti on your way to Nyeri, please, have another 50 bob from my ticket.

The music part of the show was by Mike Rua and Mike Rua will always be Mike Rua forget the location!!  Wandaro (kikuyu gospel musician) was also around and we got a few minutes of praise after Mike Rua’s performance.(come to think of it, I think this was a plan.)

Whats a good show without an M.C/timekeeper? This was executed by one Mr. Jakonia who I believe is a comedian too in his other hustle.Question to the M.C though: At the beginning you kept saying Githingithia is coming, was it the person or the earthquake because I experienced neither?

Final repeat, Good Show, wonderful organization( sound arrangements, time), excellent comedians!! Being the first of its kind!! you set the bar at a very good place!Thumbs up all the way!

NB: I come from two places that start with K(na sisemi wapi) can we please keep the jokes off these places? Thank you. I knew you would would have no problem with that!!


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