Forbidden by Festival of Creative Arts

You know a group is good at their craft when the opening nite – Thursday 18th-, the place is so  full, bookings at the door gets you those forfeited seats like the very first row.

FCA -Festival of Creative arts did their number called “Forbidden-robbery gone sour” and the title could as well have been changed to hilarity. The play was about  Mr Kamau a taxi driver secretly married to two wives and the odd taxi hours playing the perfect alibi for time spent with the other wife. All was well with the two households until Mr Kamau plays a good Samaritan helping in a mugging incident and gets injured giving separate addresses to the police and the hospital. Enter two policewomen, a  neighbor who says he is  the government most vital statistics (unemployed) and a gay man living with his dick(ha- the partner)  and the forbidden cast was complete.

The  “vitambaa kwa viti na tv”  first wife  and  “proposed to the husband” second wife are all worried about their husband’s whereabouts when he is a no show at the agreed time and on showing up with policewomen in tow, who have unending questions and sarcasm, add to that the mixed up appointment times for each wife, and you get the idea of the play set up. who thought anything could go wrong on the husband’s efforts to reassure each wife and a neighbour too willing to help? Apparently everything can; one wife is labelled transgender, the husband and friend play the gay card, and the gay neighbour is not so gay anymore!!

For those wondering what part is the robbery gone sour at, the play is extended from 3rd to the 5th Oct. Go find out why the policewomen million questions may not be about catching any attackers.

This was one  of those very good plays with an excellent cast and very engaging lines.  You have a chance to catch the rerun!! Go have yourself a good laugh.


ION, Fanaka Arts are staging the first ever kikuyu music and stand up comedy on the 4th of October. If this will be the “change that is normally as good as the rest”, why not?


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