How Dearly I hate you by Heartstrings Entertainment

When heartstrings entertainment call, you stay off any funny situation or people and spare your ribs for the show . With this prior experience my 8th to 13th was unfunny(its a real word by the way) as I waited for the 14th 3pm show to exceedingly make up for the not so funny week!!

1hr into the show and am reminded there is a reason they say  live(in this case laugh) in the present. And here is why:

There were a few differences from previous shows and the first one I noticed immediately I entered the Alliance franchise hall was an arranged stage.  This was a new one because 3 to 4 chairs on stage is what we are used to from Heartstrings but if new = better, who is complaining?

The second difference and this set the alarms was the ‘one theme a whole show’. I believe and can attest that  the greatest heartstrings strength is  incorporating all current happenings in the country in one show. Why oh why then heartstrings  did you keep away from your strength in the ‘How Dearly I hate you’ show?
The show was about appreciating those we love before it’s too late .There was a couple having marital problems in the first scene, a committee planning a wedding in the second scene and the morning of the wedding the third and final part.
Of the show’s  3 hours -nothing new about this-  I have never struggled to find humor like I did in the first 1 hour of the show. The prolonged dialogue between wife and husband did not cut it for me and the smiling interval was so low my ribs complained of broken promises.
The 2nd scene-the wedding committee- was the funniest scene in all and at least I managed to laugh but not enough for the foregone happiness in the prior week.

The third scene-the morning of the wedding – smiles, laughter here and there but way better than the first scene.
Overall for  me the show was lukewarm and I hope Heartstrings will be back to the hot shows we are used to in the coming soon appearing on their wall. The cast on the other hand,good work.

And now to the heartstrings family, Please I beg oooo… stick to your plastic chairs and a huge cast if that is the recipe for a good show.

In other news, Festival of Creative Arts have a show this weekend. Lets see what asseenbykui will see on this one!!
Talk again after the show.


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