Kinyia Nginyie

The month has started happening as promised and “Kinyia nginyie” loosely translated as fikisha nifikishe(I don’t know the English translation neither does uncle Google) by Fanaka Arts was the the first in line!! I enjoyed the show and I cannot tell  whether its because it was really nice or the fact that I had really missed plays but the bottom line is, I laughed well and hard!

The play was about insurance claims from old mutual by the wrong person and the set up brought together a landlord(the thief), wife(having marital woes), tenant(having money and wedding issues), Mr Munene (insurance agent),uncle P(having money issues), stiff necked(literally) uncle in law (around to solve the marital woes),and the insurance owner(having time issues) into one house!

The setting did not do it for me because Fanaka were back to the hiding and being found theme but the individuals(and I mean everyone) did a really splendid job in delivery. A few examples;

  • The wife Mumbi (Nice Njeri)-Guku ngui irathii igiri igri for security reasons (dogs are walking in twos for security reasons)
  • Stiff necked uncle Thuita(Sam Kihiu)- Johi ithuire maundu meri gutiririo na kwaga (Alcohol has only two problems to miss and to lack)
  • The landlord Muniu (Njomo nythira) Ndina miaka 55 natiga ndarwarire ndi mwana, ingiri na 58(I am 55 yrs old and if I did not get sick while young I would be 58yrs)

These and many other lines allowed me to close one eye to the not so pleasing theme.

Uncle p  better known as mundu particular is that actor who deserves a lone mention. The minute he steps on stage, its laughter all the way so unless I have the play’s script and I type all his lines, you have to believe when I say all his lines were funny.(on that note, its really good to have you back on stage mundu particular. we(I have a friend to confirm the plural) had really missed you!!)

Now to Fanaka script people, it would really be good to have something that does not involve hiding and being found for once. And on the starting time, 3.00pm and 3.40pm are very different times.

Off to see what Heartstrings will have for us over the weekend, and as always, I promise to report.


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