Extended Trapped

I watched the play during the extended period and since am all about what I see, its Extended Trapped.

At this point I observe a few minutes of silence for one of the fallen cast member Mr. Derrick Amunga. You will truly be missed sir.

I love a play with a large number of actors/ cast members and this one did not disappoint in that department. With 10 people as cast and one playing two making them a total of 11(no. well, I saw so!), I knew I would be thrilled, and thrilled I was. The play had a hospital setting and who knew there could be so much drama in a place where dramafreelessness( own creation) is what is expected.

Since I don’t plan on writing the plays reviews otherwise that is why they are staged for people to watch,the play was well worth the extension. The cast….. the doctors played doctors, the patient (was one with reference to others I did not see hence the singular) was not patient at all and the matron, what is that they said about a matron being the harshest person in the hospital? so true!!

Olwenya did great on the Nigerian accent, and the blonde doctor’s wife, it was hard to imagine I have watched her play intelligent roles before. The Gothic daughter brought out the goth and in total whoever chose the cast needs a pay rise.

It was nice seeing a number of actors who am used to in the Kikuyu plays bring out the English plays as excellent as they do the kikuyu plays and goes to confirm why the rest of us should remain in the jobs we do.

As expected with a play having an extension demand, the turnout was massive and as my friend Mercy would say ,thank you to the person who cancelled their ticket when she was within earshot otherwise as the poster read  “Tickets for TRAPPED are in high demand! So go on, get your ticket today. You will not be disappointed”, a few people buying the tickets last minute/at the door were disappointed. Produced by Abuto Eliud. and staged at Alliance Francaise on 18th to 20th July,this was excellent output (at least thats what we call what we deliver in what I do).

I promised to try remember, I did remember one from a while back!!


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