Nikii Wonire by Fanaka Arts

I promised to be back with Nikii Wonire and I know (underline I) myself as someone who keeps promises.

Fanaka Arts stage a play at least every month and as such keep my every weekend month plan going.

Nikii wonire was excellent and a big shift from what fanaka has been doing for quite some time now (hide and be found plays-which I did not like, but was there not to like every month). The drama as my pal calls plays stars Fish,Nyce,Kimiti and Maina- 4 of whom you can never go wrong with- and a few others whose names I don’t recall(I had not carried the notebook).

The play has a brothel sort of setting and from the first line by Maritha “Nyce”  as she makes a phone call to a customer, you can tell its going to be a beautiful play. Maritha runs the brothel from the confines of a house she is allegedly the caretaker of after inheriting the house from the previous caretaker.

With arrival of grieving relatives to mourn the house owner, customers ranging from pastors to Don Mureithi(that you must have been in the audience to know who he was. Ha!) and the call girls to boot, everyone dressed for their role, the play goes ahead to confirm the excellence I thought of at the first line.

“Kwiganithia ni Gwithika wi muoyo” ,”Riri riothe rigakue thumu?” “Na ndirege” even to the wrongdoings!! those were my favorite lines.

person1: Na nyumba ino nduraruta wira mwega

Person being reprimanded: Nandirege

Person1 : Na ndureka wega
Person being reprimanded: Nandirege (If I interpret that I will lose it in the interpretation)

These and more lines that made up the 2 hours play, Njomo Nyathira did very well on the writing and as the director.

There was a very big turnout for the play staged at Alliance Francaise on 31st July to 3rd Aug judging from  the people standing in the hall -at least the show I attended on sun at 6pm- and the very big crowd waiting for the 8 pm show a testament to  good news traveling fast and wide

On this one Fanaka nawapigia makofi ya kilo. For the last few months imekuwa karuheni(hata hii na need kuinterpret?)

Nikii Wonire

[photo/Fanaka Arts Theatre]

I will be back. If I remember the one before that.


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