The Beginning

It’s time to start carrying a notebook book and pen to my favorite pastime.

It’s a journey that started way back when I watched my first play at the Kenya National Theater thanks to the languages department in high school. ‘Kifo kisimani’ and ‘Coming to birth’ were my first theater experience and as with many firsts, it’s still etched in my mind. The actors did a splendid job (did I mention these are my thoughts?) and from then on I was to clear high school, come to Nairobi and watch plays every weekend. This may not have gone as planned (partly because there is not a play every weekend) and maybe because life does not revolve around my plans.

Anyway it’s been many years since then and I did come to Nairobi. I have had quite an experience as a theater goer and I’ve decided why not write about some of these experiences. I won’t promise not to be biased because well, along the way you get to pick a favorite group neither will I write on everything I saw because my eyes may not translate everything to my fingers but I promise to at least write something!

Along the way I may remember and share plays from the past but ill mostly write on those to come. I hope the light does not fizzle and neither do I forget my notebook and pen.

Where most of it happensWhere most of it happens

Inside Kenya National Theatre. [photo/]

Am out for now. but will be back with ‘NIKII WONIRE’


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